We are by far the best in jeans and trousers for teenagers, tweens and children in Europe, both boys and girls. Our jeans are tailored to the target group with many different fits, designs, seasonal colors and washes. Fit, design and washing follow international fashion.
We have now for 24 years designed and produced jeans and trousers for teenagers, tweens and children. We are known throughout Europe for our unique fits and the teenagers love it. For the last few years we have exclusively produced jeans and trousers with stretch and elastane, this means that all jeans and trousers are very comfortable to wear, and at the moment this is actually a requirement from our customers.
We design our jeans and trousers in very close collaboration with tweens, teenagers and children across Europe and as such we use their experience to create fashionable products. We sell our HOUNd brand in selected stores throughout Europe and have now received the first inquiries from the Middle East. We are not quite ordinary, in fact the best.